CASPR PhD candidate Laura James has had a successful year at the Flinders University DocFest 2020.

Laura’s thesis poster ‘Politics is the art of the possible’, designed in collaboration with CASPR research assistant Shani Burdon, took out Best Poster for the College of Business, Government and Law. Her poster clearly presented her research aims alongside relevant, eye-catching images.

Laura also received an ‘honourable mention’ award in the ‘Tweet your PhD’ competition in which she shared a snapshot of her world of research and discovery on her Twitter account. She was able to demonstrate how her PhD has a unique and meaningful impact in her field of research within the confines of a Tweet.

Laura says communicating her research is greatly helped by the supports of the CASPR group, and encourages students to pursue their passion for the environment and sustainability with CASPR. ‘One of the challenges of a PhD is research communication and dissemination. Relating and connecting your findings with human experience and large-scale possibilities for change can be really hard on your own and in the early stages. The amazing resources and mentorship supports of the CASPR group greatly assists PhD students in all stages of research and communication. I highly recommend getting your message out there through platforms like DocFest.’