Management of the circumpolar South and North under conditions of rapid political, social and environmental change poses comparable challenges to Antarctic and Arctic states. This project will add value against currently available options by advancing an under-developed yet crucial understanding of reciprocal lessons from the Arctic to identify future strategic challenges in the Antarctic. Dialogue among academics, policy-makers, defence experts and scientists is necessary to identify the nature of similar challenges for managing maritime operations and national interests in the Antarctic, as acknowledged in the 2016 Defence White Paper. There is a real need for key defence personnel and polar researchers to compare experiences.

Taking a clear long-term view for defence decision making and planning, our project will include a dozen leading Antarctic and Arctic interdisciplinary geostrategic experts from Australia, Canada, US, UK, Finland and Sweden to address this absence. It will turn dialogue, capacity-building and consultation into publications and audio-visual resources designed to increase the Department of Defence’s strategic policy workforce capacity to deliver high quality advice to Defence and Government leadership.