Rapid political, social and environmental change presents challenges for the management of Arctic and Antarctic regions. Climate change is already affecting national security and has implications for defence planning in Australia and the Antarctic region.

As part of its Geostrategic Futures project, The Climate and Sustainability Policy research group is bringing together local and international defence experts, scientists, academics, policymakers and decisionmakers to consider the strategic, political, scientific, economic and environmental challenges for managing Antarctic territories.

Two days of dialogue, to be held in Canberra on 5 and 6 December 2019, will harness learning from international research and policy, including comparative lessons from the Arctic, to address strategic challenges in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

The workshop is designed to inform multidisciplinary, comparative and evidence-based strategic policy. Presentations and interactions will enhance domain awareness, address challenges and inform policy options by reviewing the state of strategic thinking concerning the Southern Ocean and Antarctica in light of experience in the circumpolar North. The discussion will identify strategic issues for policymakers, eliciting input and discussion from participants.

People working in these areas are welcome to attend. Registration by 25 November 2019 is essential. Please complete the online form here.