CASPR has welcomed four new undergraduate interns for the winter mid-year break. Based at Flinders University, they are each working on the first stages of new research projects with CASPR’s lead academics. Whilst with CASPR they are experiencing academic life and getting a taste of what post graduate study could be like!  

L-R: Cecilia, Georgia, Issy and Bella. Photo by Catherine Leo.

Bella is currently studying a Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Arts. She identifies climate change policy as one of her key interests in the field of international relations and understands how it influences many other areas including defence and security. She is working on the project “Why politicians ignore experts and evidence with Dr Peter Tangney.

Georgia is also studying a Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Arts. Through this internship she hopes to “meaningfully contribute to knowledge generation in the field of environmental politics” and would like to complete a PhD in the field. Georgia is working on a project concerning Australian prime ministers and environmental protest with Associate Professor Cassandra Star. 

Issy is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management. She understands the importance of research in creating tangible and sustainable changes to environmental practices, policy and law and hopes to grow her research skills through this internship to contribute to positive change in the field. Issy is working on a project with the Department for Environment and Water looking at the underlying research needed to implement the state’s new climate action plan. The project will be supervised by Dr Peter Tangney and Associate Professor Cassandra Star. 

Cecilia is also studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management. She has a passion for developing climate change policy and hopes that her future work can address the fact that both national and international governance is failing to address the pressing issues. Cecilia is working on a project that considers the level of bush fire preparedness in South Australian councils with Associate Professor Beverley Clarke. 

All of the CASPR interns are hoping to continue with post-graduate study next year.  

Stay tuned for the outcomes of their work with CASPR!