Risk, rationality and expertise

Decision scientists advocating risk as universal conceptual framework, and risk-based decision-making as prescription for public policymaking, display a worrying disregard for many decades worth of policy studies research.

Podcasts, pedagogy and public sociology

I am inspired by critical pedagogies, informal education models and I enjoy experimenting with teaching styles that promote democratic dialogue and independent enquiry rather than me delivering another monologue. With these things in mind, I decided to create a publicly available podcast as the central piece of content for the new unit. In my last episode, I interviewed Cassandra Star about climate justice and environmental security.

Waste management in Sri Lanka

The purpose of this research is to analyse the factors that contribute to the implementation gap and identify potential measures for better execution of waste management policy in Sri Lanka. This study makes an original contribution to the literature regarding public policy implementation and waste management in Sri Lanka by providing a framework for understanding policy implementation failure in Sri Lanka. The study findings have implications for public policy in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the developing world.

Reflections on Transforming Australia’s Resource and Energy Governance

A takeaway theme was ‘decarbonised futures – how we get from here to there’. We discussed just transition – both economic and social, as strategy and as need, as a political unity approach, as a way to move on from narrow climate politics. How do we transition in an economic and political context where mining externalises risk and the costs of transition to the state?

New book: Energy Policies and Climate Change in China

I was amazed by the scale of China’s renewable energy development. At the same time, I was astonished how much renewable energy was wasted. It was a sad thing to see wind farms closed with turbines standing still like an army of petrified warriors, quiet and lifeless, staring empty at the passing gales.