In the aftermath of a disaster the volume of legal issues faced by a community increases significantly. The provision of effective post-disaster legal services requires and evidence base for service models built on clear documentation and testing of pilot programs.

The CASPR Group was commissioned by the South Australian Attorney General’s Department to evaluate the South Australian Bushfire Legal Project, piloted following the bushfires of January 3rd 2020. 

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Evidence-based coordination of national climate resilience: Briefing report

This report presents the results and implications of a systematic review of academic, government and non-government organisation literature on climate security and climate resilience in the Indo-Pacific published between 2014 and 2019. 

Our review suggests a critical need to maintain and enhance existing governance structures, processes and institutions, and the physical infrastructure they administer, in order to improve the adaptive capacity of the Indo-Pacific region as a whole. 

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Geostrategic Futures in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica: Executive report

This report provides an overview of the key outcomes of a Defence Strategic Policy Grant funded project: Geostrategic Futures in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

Focusing on cross-cutting themes in relation to southern circumpolar policymaking, the project promoted a whole-of-government coordination approach to national and military mobilisation, and was particularly concerned with Defence’s role in building whole-of-nation resilience.

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