Climate Change: Managing the Unavoidable, Avoiding the Unmanageable was the topic of the sold-out 2020 Flinders University Investigator Lecture. The annual lecture is an important part of Flinders University’s public education program and contribution to the cultural life of South Australia.

The keynote speaker of the evening was one of the world’s leading climate experts, Professor David Karoly, beaming in from Melbourne. David spoke about the latest research and conclusions that may change the way we deal with a warming climate. Professor Karoly and an expert panel, including CASPR’s own Associate Professor Cassandra Star, were on hand to answer questions from the audience. The other panel members were School Strike for Climate co-founder Doha Kahn and panel moderator Palaeontology Professor John Long.

The audience were able to pose their questions to the panel using the Twitter hashtag #flindersinvestigator. A selection of questions were answered live and the remaining questions will be followed up through a series of short videos featuring Associate Professor Star. The videos will be available soon – in the meantime you can watch the full lecture here.