My Honours dissertation proved that directors of five Australian fossil fuel corporations had contravened several criminal sections of the Corporations Act, by their conduct in relation to climate change, and that they could be sentenced to jail, receive hefty personal fines, and be disqualified from holding directorships of Australian companies for life. I am passionate about human rights, animal rights, and everything, and anything, environmental. Therefore, I sought a topic related to climate change, which will severely negatively impact all of my interests, and is the premier issue of our time, for my PhD studies. My search for a supervisor led me to the CASPR Group, and ultimately, to Associate Professor Cassandra Star. I was absolutely delighted when Cassandra agreed to be my primary supervisor.

An elective in International Environmental Law had piqued my interest in international environmental law sustainable development concepts and principles, hence, I have decided to pursue a PhD topic encompassing international environmental law, and climate change. I am also fortunate that Professor Hossein Esmaeili, an international law specialist, kindly agreed to be my associate supervisor.

I feel extremely privileged to be part of the CASPR group. Already the support and camaraderie from past and current CASPR PhD students has been amazing. I feel like the CASPR group is the perfect fit for me, and my PhD topic; The Diffusion of International Environmental Law Sustainable Development Principles into Domestic Climate Change Policy. Additionally, having a Research Training Program scholarship and a College of Business, Government and Law top-up scholarship, will enable me to fully concentrate on my PhD. This is an exciting opportunity for me to follow my passion whilst doing my bit for the world.

By Judi Storer, PhD candidate